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With a mobile advertising budget of $,, the company was able to realize more than $ million in revenue. To unlock this lesson you must be a Member. Create your account. UpSnap / Case Studies. Mobile Advertising Across Numerous Industries. For this mobile advertising campaign, UpSnap sought to target homeowners more than 35 years of age. Campaign managers used UpSnap’s Caller Analytics tool to profile successful leads generated by the campaign. Undertone – Advertising Case Study May 16th, Undertone uses WURFL InFuze for Apache in its Responsive Creative Design (RCD) framework to generate cross-screen ad products, provide device-aware mobile advertising, and enable collection of ad campaign analytics by device. Read More.

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More information can be found in our Cookies Policy and Privacy Policy. Mobile marketing is still a developing industry and one that does suffer something of an image problem. And for more on this topic download the Econsultancy Mobile Marketing and Commerce Report or read my post looking at eight great examples of mobile marketing from Southeast Asia.

The multi-panel mobile advertising case studies media ads were targeted at female iPad users agedmobile advertising case studies, and allowed consumers to view a branded video, browse a product catalogue and access a store locator without leaving the ad unit.

The target demographic was drivers agedso the Co-op used mobile ads to raise awareness and drive app downloads. Working with Mediacom, it decided on a multi-faceted approach involving placements on mobile ad exchanges, Facebook mobile app install ads, and MMS ads targeted at people identified as car enthusiasts, mobile advertising case studies. Within the first four weeks of activity it was downloaded more than 3, times.

This launched an interactive game that required people to shave F1 driver Bruno Senna using a car shaped as a razor. The ads were targeted at males with a mid to high disposable income and achieved a CTR more than twice industry standards.

Remember the swine flu panic? Turned out to be a whole lot of fuss about nothing, but it did at least yield a useful mobile ad case study. Boots used a variety of mobile tactics to give people access to relevant information about the virus and also encourage them to use a search tool to find their local Boots pharmacy.

It developed a simple guide on its mobile site containing information about swine flu symptoms and how to prevent its spread, then drove traffic to the site using targeted mobile ads across Vodafone Live! Boots also promoted the site via SMS, enabling consumers to respond and receive location-specific information on pharmacy locations. In order to reach the target audience of gamers aged inMobi ran rich media display ads on iOS devices in North America.

The ads linked users to a dynamic landing page featuring the game trailer and a CTA encouraging people to install the game. CTR peaked at 0. The North Face used its first ever mobile ad campaign to raise brand awareness among males aged mobile advertising case studies Germany and Italy.

Working with Millennial Media it used a full-screen interactive video placed in apps that indexed highly among the target audience. The goal of the campaign was to achieve completed views, but users were given the option to skip the video after 7. On completion of the video, four buttons offered a more comprehensive mobile advertising case studies, with the option to click through to local market websites or the global Facebook page.

There was also an option to replay the video. The campaign achieved more thancompleted views in Germany andin Italy. This led to engagement rate with local North Face sites of 9. It targeted year olds with interests in technology and design by selecting specific publishers across sports, tech, mobile advertising case studies, gaming, entertainment, fashion, mobile advertising case studies, design, and other creative industries.

After clicking on the banner ad a photo was displayed on a Nokia Lumia that consumers were able to interact with to experience its high-resolution zoom. Users could then click through to a mobile optimised landing page and get more information on the product. The ads achieved an engagement rate of 3. A secondary goal was to achieve a high ranking in the App Store, so on the final day it massively increased ad spend while also optimising the ad placements using real-time analytics.

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mobile advertising case studies


June 19, Mobile Advertising Case Study for Travel – Geofencing Airports Read More April 5, Geofencing Case Study – Recruiting – Higher Ed Read More April 25, Facebook Geotargeting – Social + Traditional Mobile Ads Give Better Coverage In Reaching Audiences Read More. Subsequently, each ad space becomes more valuable and works in conjunction with Real-Time Bidding (RTB) to maximize revenue for Microsoft’s developers. Smaato’s expert monetization team and mobile advertising technology combine to deliver high eCPMs, so that developers can focus on what they do best: creating great apps. With a mobile advertising budget of $,, the company was able to realize more than $ million in revenue. To unlock this lesson you must be a Member. Create your account.